Requirements for obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy in Lagos

Individuals desirous of applying for Certificates of Occupancy (“C of O”) over land acquired from native land owners in Lagos State are expected to satisfy the following requirements for the processing of their applications:

  1. Land Information (to be obtained upon an application to the Office of the Surveyor General and payment of N10,000);
  2. Application Form (N5,000);
  3. Chartable Survey Plan (2 cloth, 2 paper)
  4. Duly Stamped Purchase receipt;
  5. Tax Clearance (evidence of payment of current tax assessment);
  6. Capital Contribution (to be calculated based on the size and location of the land);
  7. Four passport photograph of Applicant;
  8. Publication Fee (N10,000);
  9. Sketch of the Location – This is a graphic description of the location of the property.

Related Timing

The duration of the application process depends largely on the time of publication of the individual’s application in the Lagos State Government’s Public Notices.

Various applications are usually compiled and published at intervals of average of three (3) months for any objection from the members of the public.

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