Requirements for Nigerian Flag State Registration

The following are persons eligible to register a Nigerian Vessel:

  1. Nigerian Citizens;
  2. Duly registered Nigerian Companies;
  3. Such other persons as may be permitted by the Minister for Transport.

Procedure for Registration

  1. Letter of application from owners of the ship or their agents addressed to the Director General, Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA)1 indicating the companyís interest in registering a vessel in Nigeria.
  2. Letter of Application for approval of vesselís name. This is done by completing and submitting the required Form at the Ship Registry.
  3. Letter of Application for condition survey – Application for condition survey shall be made to the Director General, NIMASA upon payment of a statutory fee – fees payable depends on the gross tonnage of the vessel. A surveyor would be nominated by the Registrar of Ships for the survey.
  4. Completion and submission of forms
  1. Declaration of ownership (Form 1) – This form shall be completed by the owner of the Vessel and return after declaration before a Commissioner for Oath at the Federal High Court.
  2. Application form for registration of ship (Form 2)– This Forms shall be obtained at NIMASA. Duly completed forms shall be returned to NIMASA with the following documents

Owner/Mortgagor Companyís Particulars

      1. Copy of certificate of incorporation;
      2. CTC of Memorandum and Articles of Association;
      3. CTC of Form CAC 7 (Particulars of Directors);
      4. CTC of Form CAC 2 (Allotment of Shares) (Share capital should not be less than N25,000,000.00 (twenty five million Naira);
      5. Current tax clearance certificate;
      6. Bank statement or reference letter; and
      7. Duly completed declaration of ownership form

Vessel Particulars

      1. Name of ship ;

      2. Time and place of purchase;

      3. Name of master;
      4. Best particulars in respect of tonnage, building and description of the ship;
      5. Bill of sale;
      6. Deletion certificate;
      7. Evidence of P&I (protection and Indemnity)insurance cover of the vessel ;
      8. Curving and marking sign of the vessel;
      9. Certificate of Tonnage measurement;
      10. Application for approval of vesselís name; and
      11. International tonnage certificate.
      12. Name and address of Ship managers;
      13. Condition survey report and tonnage measurement certificate;
      14. Certificate of carving and marking note of the ship;
      15. Call sign certificate;
      16. Load line certificate;
      17. Evidence of ability or experience of the purchasers to operate and maintain ship; and
      18. Log book of the vessel.

Upon completion and submission of the above mentioned forms and the accompanying documents, the Registrar of Ships shall assess and advice on the statutory fees for registration of the vessel.

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